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You say bowl scrapers, I say throwing tools!



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I got fed up with all the glaze chip samples I have floating around, so it’s time to organize!

1) clay medallion with straw hole; smooth on one side, textured on the other

2) custom office supply stamps

3) stamp the smooth side with the glaze id number

4) repeat for as many times as you have glaze types

For the time being I only use one type of clay; this may prove to be a frightening endeavor when I decide to branch out!


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Yesssss! The internet will help you find the lost manual! I was so busy looking for parts, I did not notice that Laguna has a maintenance section on their website. Rather than purchase an $80+ part, I simply remove a bolt, insert grease and violá! No more grinding or wobbliness. I love how simple this machine is; no wonder they’ve had the same design for 50 years. I’m very pleased with my Craigslist find indeed!




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Discount Bin

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Wait…it’s a rubber…stamp…


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Crystallllllls! So now I have a variety of crystals to add to any color glaze I want. Much like Photoshop effects, I must be wise and sparing with their use.

Though it is tempting to just mix them ALL together on one vase. Haha!

Christmas Creep

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Can’t really beat walking out of the office supply store with a fresh pack of ballpoint rainbow pens.